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Thank you for taking time to visit The goal of this website is to keep you informed about State and local government issues. Many of the issues that we discuss at the Capitol need your input for the legislature to make an informed decision. Please send me your thoughts and ideas to the contact info in the website.

My Mission

My mission today is the same as it was when I first embarked on my journey in 2004- to serve my beloved community, neighbors and family of the 59th District to the very best of my ability and to bring big ideas, focus and fiscal responsibility to the Iowa House.

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Bob Kressig Opening Day Oath Iowa State House

Iowa House Representative


• Instead of listening and working to improve life for everyday Iowans, Republicans stacked the deck against them.
• Instead of raising family incomes like they promised, Republicans lowered wages for 65,000 Iowans.
• Instead of making sure every kid gets a great education, they shortchanged public schools again this year with the third lowest increase in history then blamed teachers for the state’s budget problems.
• Instead of keeping health care affordable, Republicans cut a woman’s access to health care for cancer screenings, STD test, and birth control. They also passed a 20 week abortion ban without exceptions for rape, incest, or even health of the mother.
• Instead of keeping higher education and job training affordable to build our skilled workforce, Republicans raised tuition on students attending our state universities and community colleges.
• Instead of working together with dedicated public servants like firefighters, police officers, and teachers, Republicans took away their rights and their voice in the workplace.
• Instead of making it easier for Iowans to vote, Republicans created more hurdles and less time for Iowans to cast their vote.

Capitol Work

Republican lawmakers ignored the concerns of Iowans this session and broke their promise to create jobs and raise family incomes. While rewarding the special interests and out-of-state corporations, the GOP stacked the deck against everyday Iowans who are working hard but still not getting ahead. Democrats will keep listening to Iowans, hold Republican politicians accountable, and fight to build an economy that works for all Iowa families.

Bob Kressig Newsletter February 21, 2024

Greetings to you all! These past couple of weeks have been busy as things start to ramp up! Week 7 marks the beginning of debate as we move forward with many bills on the calendar! It’s been a busy week with so many amazing organizations coming to visit. Blank Children’s Hospital was one of them...
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Bob Kressig Newsletter February 9, 2024

Greetings to you all! It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the Iowa Capitol! It’s Week 5 and things are ramping up as we look ahead to the first Funnel Week. I have been able to meet with some outstanding individuals from all over giving their input on some important topics! We’ve...
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Bob Kressig Newsletter January 25, 2024

Greetings to you all! Monday marks the third week of the 2024 Legislative Session! I’m excited to update you all on the steps we have been taking here in the House! As the session continues, there are certain bills which are coming out of the woodwork that both Iowans and I disagree with. One of...
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