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Bob Kressig Newsletter August 25, 2021

Greeting to you all, Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the last few days of August. I recently had the opportunity to attend Chris Hoffman’s retirement party who has retired as the director of Pathways Behavioral Services [...]

Bob Kressig Newsletter August 12, 2021

Greeting to you all, Hopefully everyone is enjoying the warm month of August. I just finished riding my 35th RAGBRAI this year. I enjoyed the journey and the experiences, as we rode across the beautiful [...]

Bob Kressig Newsletter July 31, 2021

Removing Barriers so Iowans Can Return to Work Iowa’s worker shortage was compounded by the pandemic and many businesses are still struggling to find employees today. We need to remove barriers so that Iowans [...]

Bob Kressig Newsletter July 14, 2021

Greetings to you all! Hopefully, everyone is able to get out and enjoy the summer weather. It’s great to see all the local events taking place again across Iowa. Test Iowa, the state’s COVID-19 [...]