May 5, 2020

Greetings to you all,Hopefully you’re staying healthy and you’re able to do what you can, to get through the Coronavirus. Currently, the state is using a program called TestIowa, to help get more Iowans tested for the Covid-19 virus. The TestIowa program has been testing in Des Moines and Waterloo and also started testing recently in Sioux City. One of the major issues facing the individuals who were tested is the delays for getting the test results. I had an individual reach out to me to share what he experienced. He shared that he was the 10th person in line on Thursday to be tested and was told by the nurse that he would receive the results in 72 hours. He was later made known that he wouldn’t receive the results in another 72 hours. This is very frustrating for the folks who are waiting for the results from TestIowa. Hopefully, they will begin to give the people their test results in a more timely fashion.

During these difficult times, stress and anxiety can be overwhelming for everyone. The negative mental health effects of COVID-19 will far outlast the virus itself. Here are a couple of links that you can use to help deal with mental health issues you may be facing in your life, Iowa State University Extension is providing confidential access to stress counselors and other resources, 24/7, at no charge. Call 800-447-1985, or go to to live chat one-on-one, in a secure environment.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll be listening and working closely with local leaders, to make sure the state is partnering with those in our community who need help and assistance. I’ll be sharing information that I hear from you with the Governor and encouraging her to act on your ideas.  I’ll also be working with my colleagues, on issues that must be addressed in this crisis.

While I will not be at the Capitol for the next month, I will be in the district full-time and available by email, phone, and social media, to answer questions and listen to your concerns. You can always reach me by email or call me at home at 319-266-9021. We can also stay connected through social media, including FacebookTwitter and YouTube. I appreciate hearing from you and I thank you for your continued support.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Statehouse News. Please keep in touch!

How is COVID-19 Impacting You? 

It’s been nearly two months since the first coronavirus case was reported in Iowa. It’s changed a lot about the way we live.  I want to hear from you on how your family, business, and lives have been impacted so I can learn more about what I can do to help. I hope you can fill out this brief survey that will take less than two minutes of your time. Take the survey here.

Again, I encourage you to reach out with any questions or suggestions on what we need to do to keep Iowans safe, as well as plans to provide help and recovery to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take Precautions as Iowa Begins to Re-open 

As we start to see parts of the state open up, it’s important to remember to continue to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible.  If you go out, try to avoid close contact with others especially those that are sick. Put distance between yourself and others as much as possible, remember that some people without symptoms may be able to spread the virus.

In light of new data about how COVID-19 spreads, the CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to cover their nose and mouth in the community settings. This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms. Limiting contact with others is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Restaurants in 77 counties can reopen to in-person dining.  Restaurants must follow these guidelines for in-person dining:

  • The restaurant must limit the number of customers present at indoor or outdoor spaces to 50% of its normal operating capacity to ensure adequate spacing of groups
  • Groups are limited to no more than 6 people
  • Distance of 6 feet must be maintained between separate groups
  • No self-service of food or drink allowed

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals has additional recommendations for restaurants.  They can be found here,

The following counties still remain closed until May 15: Allamakee, Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Dallas, Des Moines, Dubuque, Fayette, Henry, Iowa, Jasper, Johnson, Linn, Louisa, Marshall, Muscatine, Polk, Poweshiek, Scott, Tama, Washington, and Woodbury.

Agriculture Hit Hard by COVID-19, Resources Available

After enduring the President’s trade wars over the last two years, farmers now face the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. In response, state and federal officials have taken actions to help the agricultural industry.

  • Beginning Monday, April 27, farmers will be eligible to apply for up to $10,000 through the Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). Apply here:
  • The governor extended the increased trucking weight limits to 90,000 for medical and agricultural items until at least May 27.
  • Farmers markets will also now be open, allowing farm products and food only.

The President has invoked the Defense Production Act, seeking to ensure plants remain open and workers report for their shifts amid the outbreak. OHSA issued packing plant specific guidance at the end of April, following extensive outbreaks.

Packing plants have been the source of the biggest outbreaks in the state. Outbreaks at plants in Columbus Junction, Waterloo, Marshalltown, Tama, Perry, and Sioux City have led to thousands of infections and the temporary closure of several facilities.

The temporary closure of these plants has led to a crisis among producers. Iowa is the nation’s leading pork producer, with roughly 25 million hogs in confinements across the state. Extended closures may force farmers to euthanize animals.

Help and Guidance for Iowa Producers 

IOWA GUIDANCE: Guidance for Iowa producers can be found at; including information on supply chain issues, guidance from the CDC, federal information and information on actions taken by the state.

FEDERAL GUIDANCE: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has assistance available for rural residents, businesses and communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Their resource guide of federal programs will help rural leaders — whether they are in agriculture, education, health care or any other field — find support for recovery efforts through technical, training and management assistance, financial assistance, partnership opportunities and more. Find additional help at

MENTAL HEALTH: During this difficult time, don’t sacrifice your well-being to stress and uncertainty. Iowa State University Extension provides confidential access to stress counselors and other resources, 24/7 at no charge. Call 800-447-1985, or go to to live chat one-on-one in a secure environment.

Tuition Freeze at State Universities 

The Iowa Board of Regents that represents Iowa’s public universities met virtually on May 4th to consider a proposal to not increase tuition for the upcoming Fall semester.  The tuition freeze is on the table even though there is an estimated loss in revenue combined at the Regent institutions of nearly $200 million.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, fewer students are expected to enroll at the universities in the fall, particularly international students. There is also financial uncertainty because the Legislature is suspended and has not set the state budget for next year. The Regents indicated that they could increase tuition in the Spring.

Federal funds have been made available to Iowa Regent institutions.  Under the CARES Act the University of Iowa would receive $16.2 million, $21.7 million to Iowa State University, and $10.9 million to the University of Northern Iowa.  Approximately half of those funds need to go to emergency financial aid grants to students.

Student Financial Aid Help

Students will now be able to defer payments and waive interest on federally held student loans until September 30. Also, the collection of defaulted student loans has been suspended.  Students will not be required to pay back federal student loans and Pell Grants if they withdraw from courses due to the COVID-19 emergency. In addition, students who withdraw will not have this semester counted against their lifetime eligibility for federal financial aid. Students may continue collecting work-study pay, even if they are unable to work due to school and workplace closures. To learn more, go to:

Other COVID-19 Updates 

HOW TO GET TESTED: Iowa is now offering drive through testing for those who qualify after taking an online assessment at The goal of the program is to allow the state to administer 3,000 tests per day at the various drive through locations throughout the state. You can also get tested by calling your primary doctor.

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: Another 28,827 Iowans filed initial claims for state unemployment benefits last week, up from the week before. That makes 260,000 new claims filed in the last six weeks, the most since the Great Depression. Nationally, another 3.8 million unemployment claims were filed. Go here to file a claim:

SMALL BUSINESS HELP: The Iowa Economic Development Authority is continuously updating their website for small business owners, The Iowa Economic Development Authority has given out more grants to small businesses and  will continue to give out grants as funds become available.  Businesses that received grants can be found here, Due to Congressional action small businesses can again apply for relief through the Small Business Administration.  More information on the programs can be found here,  

VOTE FROM HOME: With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Iowa Secretary of State is encouraging Iowans to vote from home for the primary election coming up in June. All registered voters were mailed an absentee ballot request form in the mail this week. The form must be mailed in by May 22nd to vote from home. If you didn’t get the request form, you can print one out here (  Click here to find out if you are registered to vote,

STUDENT LUNCH LOCATIONS: The USDA’s Summer Food Service Program has 303 approved Grab and Go meal sites in Iowa to provide meals and snacks to children who might go without while schools are closed due to COVID-19. To find a location in your community go to:

Iowa COVID-19 Resources

CURRENT COVID-19 INFORMATION: For the latest updates from the Iowa Governor’s office on COVID-19: 

GET TESTED FOR COVID-19:  Iowa is now offering drive through testing for those who qualify after taking an online assessment at

COVID-19 PUBLIC HOTLINE: For Iowans with questions about COVID-19, a public hotline is open 24/7 by calling 2-1-1 or 1-800-244-7431 (Español disponible)

CRISIS TEXT LINE: To access the Crisis Text Line, text “TALK” to 741741


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE: Call 1-800-799-7233 or text “LOVEIS” to 22522

FOOD PANTRIES: Find a food pantry near you go to:

CHILDCARE: Looking for childcare during COVID-19? Go to to find open spots or facilities.


HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE: To apply for assistance visit:

CARES ACT FEDERAL LEGISLATION: A new summary of recently passed federal legislation and its impact on Iowa will be continuously updated and is available here:

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH UPDATES: For the latest updates on coronavirus and to learn more about prevention efforts, go to the Iowa Dept. of Public Health at


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